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Book: Designing with Web Standards

Designing with Web Standards

By Jeffrey Zeldman with Ethan Marcotte
Published in 2009 by New Riders
Originally published in 2003
Rating: 4 / 5


Best-selling author, designer, and web standards evangelist Jeffrey Zeldman has revisited his classic, industry-shaking guidebook. Updated in collaboration with co-author Ethan Marcotte, this third edition covers improvements and challenges in the changing environment of standards-based design.

Written in the same engaging and witty style, making even the most complex information easy to digest, Designing with Web Standards remains your essential guide to creating sites that load faster, reach more users, and cost less to design and maintain.


Standards aren’t about leaving users behind or adhering to inflexible rules. Standards are about building sophisticated, beautiful sites that will work as well tomorrow as they do today.


The first edition of this book set me on a course that I’m still on today. A course that said web design wasn’t just a mess of tags thrown up and onto a web page. It wasn’t just greedy, selfish browser makers trying to carve out their own proprietary corner of what could be the most open, welcoming, publishing platform ever created. It was a course that demanded that this new-fangled technology, this “fad”, be taken seriously. And to be taken seriously you had to build with care and forethought and forwards-compatibility.

I am thankful every day for Jeffrey Zeldman and the Web Standards project, and while you can find pretty much all you need to know about building on the web these days with a quick search, these books will always have a special place on my shelf.