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My bathroom / darkroom

Darkroom, dry side People sometimes wonder how I make wet darkroom prints in my tiny, zero bedroom apartment. So, I thought I’d take a few simple snaps and show you how it’s done. It’s really pretty simple, and works quite well. So, imagine all of this in the dark, with only a dim red safelight to provide illumination.

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The search for my perfect camera bag

Earth Explorer 2477 I need to come clean here. I have a bit of a camera bag fetish. I don’t know when it started, though it was probably about five years ago and it has gained strength as my photography gear has changed and expanded. For the longest time I was your typical, average 35mm SLR shooter and I never really gave much thought to the bag the camera was in. I couldn’t afford more than one lens which stayed attached to the body. I hate flash so never needed to carry one. Basically I needed room to carry a single 35mm SLR body plus a small lens, a couple of rolls of film and maybe a filter or two. You can find a million different models and brands of camera bag to do that. As soon as I moved into medium-format though, I needed to put a lot more thought into how I carried my gear.

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