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Kilimanjaro trek, part two

Mandara Huts, 2720 metres We decided to do the Marangu Route, otherwise known as the Coca-Cola Route. It’s a five day trek up and down the mountain, a timeframe that packs it all in pretty tight. Other routes typically take six days but also tend to be a little longer. The Marangu Route is about 70km round-trip with an altitude gain of about 1000 metres per day. I didn’t feel like it was a strenuous hike until the final ascent, mainly because we walked very slowly, or pole pole in Swahili. The point is to get to the summit, not run up the mountain so I was happy we took our time to get from camp to camp and allow our bodies to acclimatize properly while saving as much energy as possible for the last two days.

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Kilimanjaro trek, part one

Me arriving at Kilimanjaro International Airport This year I convinced a friend to travel with me to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. While I was away I brought a small notebook with me to record some thoughts along the way. I ended up with thirty pages of notes with the idea that I’d post them here, but I don’t think I’ll bore you with all that. I’ll split it all up into two posts, the first about the trip and the second about the trek itself. I won’t get into too much detail, I’ll just try to get across the main points. I can’t possible communicate the whole trip, so you’ll have to visit me here in Halifax and buy me a beer to get the full effect.

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