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Canoeing to Keji Site 6

Heavy clouds over Big Dam Lake After a few years of being unable to make our annual Victoria Day weekend canoe trip into the Kejimkujik National Park backcountry, we were back on the water this year. The national parks have instituted a more “fair” lottery system for reservations and as in every other lottery, I’ve been pretty unlucky with the results. This year I was 2306th in line so I wasn’t holding out much hope of getting what I was hoping for. Turns out I was right and had to settle for a two night stay on a site further down my wishlist, site 6. It wasn’t my first choice but it turned out to be a pretty good one.

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An early spring hike on the Sandy Cope Trail

Donald's Falls along the Sandy Cope Trail I hadn’t been for a hike in far too long and I was feeling very guilty about having four days off over the Easter weekend and not having any plans. So I looked up a trail I hadn’t done before, topped up the car’s gas tank — yikes! — and headed north out of the city towards Truro.

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Hiking the Admiral Lake Loop

Panorama of a foggy valley After a long pandemic and life-related hiatus from hiking I thought it was about time to get back on the trail. After not having been out on a trail for so long I had to choose carefully: something challenging but not too challenging. After a quick look around I landed on the Admiral Lake Loop, part of the very good Musqudoboit Trailways Association. I’ve done a couple of their longer, more challenging trails, the South Granite Ridge and North Granite Ridge trails but knew I couldn’t handle either of them at the moment.

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Ten Days in the Alps

Looking down from Les Houches In following with my unofficial, not-written-down-anywhere quest to visit the tall mountains of the world, a friend and I booked a trip to France to see Mont Blanc.

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Hiking the Liberty Lake Loop

Sunset over Peskowesk Lake Desperate for a relatively local hiking challenge this year, I decided to finally hike the Liberty Lake Loop, a 56km trail in Kejimkujik National Park. I’ve had my eye on the loop for almost 10 years but just never took the plunge to make the reservations and take the time off work. Without a trip to some far-flung destination this year, it was time to tackle it.

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Keji Site 22, May 2018

Approaching Site 22 at Keji After taking last year off from our (mostly) annual tradition, three friends and I jumped back into a couple of canoes and headed into the backcountry of Kejimkujik National Park for the Victoria Day long weekend. This time we were headed for Site 22, the last site on the West River. The weather was sunny and warm, the winds light. Perfect conditions, except for the flies which seemed to have exploded into life. Nothing a good bug net over you hat and some spray can’t solve.

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10 Days in Nepal

Prayer wheels at the Monkey Temple in Kathmandu I can’t remember exactly why I chose Nepal as a travel destination this year but it probably had something to do with seeing the Himalayas. Having lived near the Rockies for a while, been to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro, and hiked through the Andes, I’m starting to knock off some of the world’s famous mountain ranges. Adding the Himalayas to that list seemed fitting.

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Two weeks in Peru: Amazon to the Andes

La Castellana Hotel This year for an adventure “holiday” I was off to Peru for two weeks. G Adventures offers an Amazon to the Andes package that included quite a bit in the twelve days. As I was to find out, it’s all packed in pretty tight.

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