Skydiggers in Halifax

Skydiggers in Halifax

One of my all-time favourite bands is the Skydiggers. Since they hit the scene in the late eighties when I was in high school, their music has been with me wherever I’ve gone. Driving across this crazy wide country — twice! — without the Skydiggers would have been like sushi without the chopsticks. Luckily for me, while I was in high school and then college seeing them play live didn’t require multi-province road trips or a trip to the travel agent. It usually only meant driving or taking the subway down to Queen Street West in Toronto, home of the Horseshoe Tavern. Once I left southern Ontario though, it was difficult, if not impossible, to ever see the Skydiggers live.

After living in northern BC for ten years I had pretty much given up hope of ever seeing them live again. It wasn’t going to happen up there. But then I moved to a much larger city on the east coast, with more access to live music, and the faint glimmer of hope became a little brighter. Well, the live music gods have obviously decided to reward me and others like me here with a two-night acoustic duo performance by Andy and Josh. Oh happy days!

Not only did I get to see and hear them play, I also got over my fear of making an ass of myself and actually said hello. I gushed a tiny little bit when I thanked them for making their way out here, but I think Andy has seen that before, he was very gracious. A few songs into their set I thought I’d put the video capabilites of my fancy iPhone to the test and record a song. Turned out not too bad.

From City of Sirens, here’s a live acoustic performance of Hello Beautiful Life:

Thanks again to Andy and Josh for bringing their guitar, trumpet, voices and microphones out here and showing me that even after all this time you haven’t missed a beat. Come back soon!

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