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Seaview Park panorama

Peninsula park to park urban hike

I decided to switch it up this weekend and leave the hiking boots at home and do something I’ve been meaning to do since I moved to Halifax. I’ve always wanted to walk the entire length of the peninsula but for one reason or another I’ve just not gotten to it. As I’m trying to add some distance to my hikes, I thought this would be perfect as it’s around 18 kilometres to walk the loop.

I started and finished at my apartment building on Hollis Street. I basically walked uphill and north through downtown to get to the south end of Gottingen Street where I met a friend who wanted to come along. We used Gottingen Street to walk all the way to the northern tip, ending at Seaview Park. You can see the view from there in the first photo, overlooking the Bedford Basin.

From there we turned around and headed south down Agricola Street to the Common, across the Common to Robie Street, and all the way down to its end at St Mary’s University. We then headed across to Tower Road where we turned south again and into Point Pleasant park.

We did a counter-clockwise loop of the park, stopping for a photo along the way. You can see the view from the southern tip of the peninsula, complete with a container ship heading back out to sea, in the second photo. Moving along we ended up at the container pier and walked though on our way to Pier 21, around Marginal Road to Hollis Street ending up at my apartment building.

Point Pleasant Park panorama
Point Pleasant Park panorama

It’s a bit of a long walk for most, about 18.2 kilometres going by my GPS measurements, but it sure was fun. It’s the only way to see some of the many individual neighbourhoods that make up the peninsula, each with their own charms.

To get a view of the route we took, there’s a map I made with the GPS data.

Check out a map: Peninsula park to park urban hike